Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My love affair with Meryl Streep continues.

I saw Julia & Julie last night—a feast for writers and cooks.

And lovers!

What a movie!

What an actress!

What a concept!

One of the taglines for the movie is, “An inspirational film about finding your passion.”

Isn’t that great? Finding your passion?

It’s a great movie for writers. You get to see how Julia Child struggled trying to get published with her first cook book. Also, how Julie struggled as a writer and then started a blog for a year about her cooking a Julia Child recipe a day.

Both of these women had passions. Julia first had a passion for eating which led her to her passion for cooking which led her to a passion to write a cookbook.

Julie, a writer, played by Amy Adams, had a passion for writing which led her to her passion to cook a Julia Child recipe a day for a year and blog about it. And then she got a book deal.

Wow! Such passion in these women. Eating/cooking/writing/getting published.

I can relate.

I’ve got a big passion for writing.

What I love most about Julia Child though is she had a passion for her husband. How can you have a passion for anything in life and not have a passion for love?

Yeah, I’ve got a passion for love too.

I love to write.

Always, Em


Sloan Parker said...

Nice post, Em. I loved Julia & Julie too. It was so inspiring. I cried several times because of the connection with my own writing. A must-see for writers.

Em is my Muse. said...

Thanks for you comments Sloan. And congrats again on your book.